• Startup Journey 2015 application period starts January 15th!

    Do you see a challenge where others see a problem? When something isn’t working, are you the type of person who will fix it, instead of complaining about it? Do you like to push yourself to see how far you can go? If this is you, how would you like to go on a journey that will change your life next summer?
    Startup Journey, organised by BoostTurku, is a ten week long accelerator program for early stage startups. The journey won’t be easy, and places are very limited, but if you are one of the chosen ones, by the end of the summer, you will know it has all been worth it.
    BoostTurku offers mentoring, coaching, networks and a community of like-minded.
    To apply you need a business idea and a team. To learn more and to apply, go to http://boostturku.com/startup-journey