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    Pilottikokeilussa kerätään palautetta tabletilla sairaalan heräämössä. Projekti tehdään yhteistyössä laitevalmistajan, ohjelmistovalmistajan ja sairaalan heräämön kanssa, kokeilu kestää kuukauden ajan. Sairaalassa halutaan kerätä palautetta entistä tehokkaammin ja siellä kokeillaan erilaisia… Read more ››

    Green technology and sustainable development are global megatrends. There is growing demand for know-how and new business models related to sustainable and resource-conserving development. Environmentally friendly solutions developed by… Read more ››

    The popularity of smart home control systems is increasing as the technology based on such systems improves. The innovation of new products, systems and their areas of application has… Read more ››

    HealthFOX is an innovative service concept for rehabilitation developed by the Salo-based HealthFOX Oy. HealthFOX is a comprehensive browser-based and mobile-compatible service that acts as a meeting place for… Read more ››

    Project Gate is a project management tool that brings together projects, students and experts. Projects are characterised by a fixed duration and their one-time nature. Successful project implementation depends… Read more ››

    ViLLE is an online learning environment developed at the Department of Information Technology of the University of Turku. The system includes a variety of assignment types, from questionnaires to… Read more ››

    Research shows that using games in teaching increases the motivation to learn. The use of games also provides variety in teaching, and it is flexible and free from the… Read more ››

    The traditions of the Scout Movement go back more than a century. Today, it reaches 38 million enthusiasts in 216 countries across the world. In Finland, there are some… Read more ››

    In today’s world, people need mathematics almost every day, regardless of what field they work in. Understanding numbers and having good mechanical calculation skills help people cope with problem… Read more ››

    Vending machines selling snacks have become commonplace in schools, workplaces and public transport hubs. The role of traditional channels in food distribution has decreased and is continuing to decrease… Read more ››

    YogaMe gives you a break when you need it the most! YogaMe is an online yoga service designed to give users breaks during the day. It provides an easy… Read more ››

    Harness racing is a dynamic sport that offers a variety of experiences. Finland is one of Europe’s top countries in harness racing, and Finnish harness racing expertise is world-class…. Read more ››

    Everything is reachable via web and smartphone. We want to make one step further and create smartphone application platform for customer loyalty programs and make your life and access… Read more ››

    Kurt Thune Training is a smartphone application for sports shooters. It improves shooter’s eye / finger co-operation and concentration. It is available on IOS, Android and Windows platforms. KT… Read more ››

    Biathlon is one of the most followed TV winter sports program in Europe and Russia. One World Cup TV  program is watched by several hundreds of millions of people…. Read more ››

    Dyslexia is a disorder characterised by difficulty with reading and writing. It is a disorder that affects many areas of life and has very diverse manifestations. Dyslexia is typically… Read more ››

    Material promotion refers to promoting a library’s materials and activities in various ways. Accessible and mobile library services are becoming increasingly common in the library sector. They represent the… Read more ››