• Capstone

    Capstone is an innovative learning environment for the student and a solution for the customer

    Capstone applies the CDIO method to develop and rethink education, which then matches business needs better. Tight integration between research and practice combined with methods of innovation pedagogy develop the students’ abilities to meet actual situations that occur in working life. The result is future workers who are more skilled and more realistic.

    The primary task of the Capstone Innovation Project is to produce a prototype of a product or service that a company needs, or a potential solution to an as yet unsolved problem. Capstone encourages the companies to boldly try new approaches, test new ideas in a user-centered way and engage potential customers with the designing process. Success requires failures too!

    A 6-7 person team of students from different fields and international students bring a new aspect to new ideas and solutions and give a good starting point to bring out new products or services. Capstone helps to improve organisations and to produce professionals of the future.


    CDIO is a innovative, educational framework for the next generation of engineers

    CDIO is a concept created in the late 1990s in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to improve engineering education to match the requirements of working life better.

    Now an international development network, CDIO (Conceiving – Designing – Implementing – Operating), brings together theory and practice in engineering education, making it possible for students to learn in an environment that matches a real working environment and for businesses to design necessary products and services.

    Turku University of Applied Sciences joined the CDIO-network in 2007, making it the first Finnish university to join. Today, the network includes eight Finnish and over 90 international universities. In Turku University of Applied Sciences, the CDIO-concept is executed via innovation pedagogy and the model has also been implemented in other education programs.


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