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    The popularisation of science means presenting the results of scientific research in a form that non-experts can understand. An enormous amount of interesting research results that might be useful… Read more ››

    Pikkuli jumps around like a chicken and swims like a penguin. Like all little children, Pikkuli loves to play, swim, fish and sing. Pikkuli speaks the language of birds… Read more ››

    Elixia, a well-being and sports centre, wishes to offer its customers the best possible support for training! The goal of the project is to create a Personal Trainer application… Read more ››

    The high Kakolanmäki hill, renowned for its old prison, offers splendid views to Aurajoki river, across Forum Marinum to Turku Castle and the way to the Port of Turku. … Read more ››

    Profession Compass is a predictive tool for mapping competence needs in various lines of business. Information in the service is based on data mined from job postings on the… Read more ››

    Use the latest visual means and technologies to reanimate the town that emerged from the ashes of the great fire of 1827. The project seeks to create a virtual… Read more ››

    Vares, the fictional private detective, is a brand from Turku known to everyone in Finland.  The Vares brand has not yet been fully utilised in the promotion of tourism…. Read more ››

    The importance of mathematics on various fields and life in general is indisputable. Finnish pedagogical expertise is internationally recognised as being top class. Tap into Finnish expertise in teaching… Read more ››

    The Finnish library system is unique, and its presence in people’s everyday lives is strong. A library is not just a place for borrowing books, but a also a… Read more ››

    A newspaper is a part today’s history! Newspapers are read in all cultures all over the world. What kind of newspaper will you be reading in the future? How… Read more ››

    It has been estimated that illumination consumes approximately 15 per cent of global electricity production (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland). LED lighting is now a rising global trend,… Read more ››

    How can technology help the elderly live in their own homes and maintain their well-being? What is well-being and good everyday life for an old person? What services or… Read more ››

    A digital health account keeps your data safe and secure wherever you are! Develop new features for the digital health account. How and where could a digital health account… Read more ››

    Reading helps you to succeed! Finns can be proud of their reading enthusiasm The Finnish education system has made Finns top notch readers. Finnish libraries too are unique. Children… Read more ››