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    TEST CHAMBER LAB  Test facilities with weather chambers. There is a lot of possible test demands for equipment robustness  in different environments. Small companies have not possibilities to have own test chambers… Read more ››

    VIOLIN LEARNING APP WITH MIDI  Software, which converts imported midi files to Guitarhero like virtual timeline fingering notes on strings. This serves much more intuitive approach to sheet music reading than the traditional stuff. … Read more ››

    AUGMENTED REALITY LIVING ENVIRONMENT  Arrange joint development meetings to get fresh AR-ideas from young people. Those ideas will be refined to create AR-world for learning purposes. Hackhathons and GameJam events realize those ideas to AR-objects. The… Read more ››

    VIRTUAL ENERGY LAB  This pilot creates a Virtual energy lab platform, where companies can demonstrate their heating, cooling or ventilation products (ground heating or solar systems etc.) in virtual world. VR-platform allows customers or… Read more ››

    A NEW ANIMAL NUTRIENT  A start-up company focusing on animal welfare wishes to offer their customers a novel vitamin E based product. The novel product is to function as a fat-soluble… Read more ››

    ENERGIZED WORK LIFE WITH WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY  Happy, Healthy and Energized People are fundamental for a successful and sustainable business. This mindset is the cornerstone of Tieto’s offerings within End User Services, and… Read more ››

    SWEDISH LANGUAGE FOR BUSINESS LEARNING  The game is set in the Nordic-Baltic context and uses real work life situations  to simulate the differences and similarities in the business culture…. Read more ››

    INTERACTIVE ART INSTALLATION FOR SHIFT BUSINESS FESTIVAL  The project group will design and deliver an interactive art installation, which will be showcased first in SHIFT Business Festival on 22.-23.5.2018 for 4000 international visitors…. Read more ››

    SHIFT BUSINESS FESTIVAL MOBILE EXPERIENCE  Now, we would like you to go crazy. What might The SHIFT 2018 app contain? What would the application do – what would it enable you to… Read more ››

    SATEL ANALYSIS OF OSPF  Analysis of OSPF routing protocol behaviour in multi-technology Communications System  within Electricity Distribution System   THE GOALS OF THE PROJECT:  Distribution Automation System comprises Communications System, where the backbone is implemented with redundant licensed and unlicensed microwave systems as well as fiber links.  Purpose is to analyse the backbone behaviour and give recommendations for OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routing protocol parametrization for their optimization in terms of stability and failover times. 

    SATEL MISSION CRITICAL CONNECTIVITY  Ensure that SATEL Solution is cybersafe enough and find out any weakspots it might have.  THE GOALS OF THE PROJECT:  To study and gather needed standards and requirements for future cyber safety  To try to capture and interfere data transferred over the air  To try to hack into Satel Satellar. 

    SATEL CYBER-SECURITY AUDIT  Cyber-Security Audit for multi-technology Communications System within Electricity Distribution System.  Distribution Automation System comprises Communications System, which is implemented with microwave technology, narrowband radio modem technology as well as fiber links.   THE GOALS OF THE PROJECT:  Cyber-security audit to analyse the status quo of the Communications System and offer recommendations for the cyber-security improvements. 

    ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)  Staria has developed software robotics (RPA) for automating routine and manual work tasks e.g. managing traveling expenses, purchase invoices, and tax calculation. This project seeks novel visions and demonstrations in RPA and artificial intelligence.  How cognitive computing will drive the next wave of process automation? How can machine intelligence improve professional services?  THE GOALS OF THE PROJECT:  Create software demos from given use cases based on discussions with Staria.  Demos can focus on the interface between Cloud ERP and other systems.  Deliver the recorded videos of the demos and e.g. robot execution files or similar. 

    LIGHT CRUSHED ADSORBENT FOR INDUSTRIAL ADSORBENT  Renotech R&D has developed a promising new light weight renewable product based on industrial ash.  The product has low density and high porousity.  Product potential for adsorbent speficially for nutrients and metals should be tested.  THE GOALS OF THE PROJECT:  Define base-product adsorbent qualities for:  Nutrients (N,P,) and metals (divalent metals present in industrial wastewater)  Study and implementation of possible functionalization of base product (surface functionalization, optimum grain size, optimum pH, conductivity etc)  Define main charasteristics responsible for adsorbent (Composition, surface area, surface charges etc.) 

      LIGHT CRUSHED AGGREAGATE FOR SOIL PRODUCTS Natural mineral (rock) resources are dwindling. Renewable products are needed. Renotech R&D has developed a near to market level light weight gravel product. The following step is market entry for the different density grade product lines of: 500 – 800 kg/m3 800 – 1000 kg/m3 1000 – 1200 kg/m3 THE GOALS OF THE PROJECT: Define applications in soil construction and soil improvement (standards, norms, operation guides etc.) Develop marketing material needed for… Read more ››

    SOILED PLASTIC WASTE – COLLECTING AND RECYCLING  The idea of this project is to develop and design economical and effective collections and recycle systems, in which both producers and users of plastic waste could find benefits.  THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT:  – to produce SWOT analysis  – to create an application for producers and collectors  – to develop new business idea  – and bring your fresh ideas for generation of new end products 

    PERKINELMER VIRTUAL DIAGNOSTICS LAB VISION: We want to transfer our instrument show room and training lab into virtual world to enable better presentation of our instrument base, visualize sample work flows and offer training for larger audience. THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT: Virtual reality laboratory for different diagnostic workflow setups. Virtual building with multiple laboratory spaces, e.g. “Neonatal screening lab”, “Prenatal diagnostic lab”, and “Applied genomics lab”. Different labs have different instrument set ups and sample work flows. Firstly we aim to use this for customers at fairs and events. But it would be great if it would have enough information and features for virtual training. At minimum we’d like to have at least one “sample-to-result” configuration with sample process related animations in 3D environment with intuitive user interface. We’d appreciate embedded information and videos and options to expand other instrument configurations and increase amount of animations.

    RENEWABLE ELECTRICAL ENERGY AT NESTLÉ  The project members will devise different solutions for renewable electrical energy (e.g. solar plant, wind turbine, hydroelectric plant, biowaste utilization). The project group will do research on the capital costs, the operating costs, the payback period, and the general profit or benefit provided for the factory. Also, the project group is to make a documented proposal to the factory management about the ecological solution for the factory. They are also expected to come up with a suggestion concerning how the suggested changes should be taken into account in consumer communication and employer image.   THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT:  To make the Nestlé Turku factory more environmentally friendly and ecological 

    OCCUPATIONAL WELL-BEING INDEX The Finnish Navy has three statutory tasks related to the military defence of Finland: the surveillance of our territorial waters, repelling of territorial violations and maritime attacks, and protecting sea lines of communication. The Finnish Navy provides surveillance of Finland’s territorial waters 24/7/365.  As a dedicated employer The Finnish Navy also takes great responsibility in maintaining and developing the occupational health and well-being of its personnel. To support this endeavor we are now interested in finding new ways to manage all the related information from absences and early retirements to work engagement and leadership.  THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT:  To create an application that would use all this existing data to calculate an occupational well-being index with the help of a balanced scorecard. In order to succeed in this task knowledge of ICT is required. Keen interest in occupational health and well-being is also hoped for the work to be enjoyable.  As a part of The Finnish Defence Forces, The Finnish Navy also requires background checks and an NDA… Read more ››

    IMPROVING SERVICE DESIGN ON CRUISE SHIPS THROUGH DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES  The present project challenges the participants to create ideas and improve “service design” for cruise ships through digital technologies.  The… Read more ››

    CRUISE SHIPS AND VISIONARY WASTE MANAGEMENT IDEAS  The present project challenges the participants to creatively propose onboard waste management solutions including innovative ideas to reduce, recycle, restoration of the… Read more ››

    Personal IoT data in health and care  Project aim is to study and conduct an integration between wearable wellness/care monitoring data source and patient data system. Second aim is to… Read more ››

    SIRO Global  Siro is a web-based health record service (electronic health record) aimed for doctors and therapeutics. With SIRO doctors have their information system in one tablet instead of… Read more ››

    CAKE CREATOR  THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT:  To create a new way to order a cake. With web-based software the customer can easily create an ideal cake for every… Read more ››

    Centres of ancient might and power  Enchanting tales and legends  Fascinating stories  Listen, observe, learn  Turn the lights on!    lightson.humak.fi  capstonelightson.blogspot.fi 

    Market research concerning clean room technology:  Market volume of clean room technology now and over the next three years in European countries.  Effect of specific-wavelenght visible light on microbes:  Experimental… Read more ››

    TECH SUPPORT DATA MANAGEMENT APP  A new application for collecting, sorting and analyzing tech support data  We are looking for a tool to help our tech-support team file and organize the… Read more ››

    WIRELESS IoT WITH LoRa  GOALS FOR THIS PROJECT:  To find applications for wireless IoT  To explore commercial possibilites  To investigate LoRa terminals and gateway technology and its possibilites  To build LoRa system and measure its performance with various… Read more ››

    DIGITALIZATION OF COMPANY MANAGEMENT  Renotech Oy develops, manufactures, markets and imports innovative fire- and sound proofing products and other construction industry products. The project aims to optimizing Renotech website when searched via… Read more ››

    CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN CLAIMS HANDLING WITH WORLD CLASS DIGITAL SERVICES  We challenge you to create new digital services or improvements to existing ones to create a ”wow effect” to IF’s customer’s… Read more ››

    GIS BASED SYSTEM FOR NORDIC HEALTH LIVING LAB (NHLL)  Help us create a ”greener” version of the maps we use every day!  THE GOALS FOR THIS PROJECT:  Partner can add/modify/delete… Read more ››

    FIDERA FLOW – KEEPS YOUR OPERATIONS RUNNING SMOOTHLY!  The ultimate goal is to define, test and implement fully automated analytics and/or security system to enhance or secure customer’s daily operations. Final… Read more ››

    ExMan-3D is a Sims-like game aimed at the food service industry predominately and will find itself at all training institutions (universities, culinary schools and hotel management modules at schools etc.) but… Read more ››

    EMOTIONAL ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY  Aim is to construct working Arduino based prototype of device that is able to measure skin conductivity and temperature and few other parameters.  THE GOAL FOR THIS PROJECT: … Read more ››

    METAL 3D PRINTING – GAINING A FOOTHOLD IN FINNISH INDUSTRY  Additive manufacturing (= 3D printing) has become an acknowledged manufacturing method for demanding industries and applications. With AM, part designs… Read more ››

    Renotech Oy has a wide knowhow in material technology. The company carries on research and development activity oriented towards productization.   Renotech Oy has a ready built network for end users.  In… Read more ››

    A MODERN & INTUITIVE MOBILE APP FOR CROWDSOURCING ON THE MAP!  Harava is an interactive map-based survey tool for smart planning. It enables organizations to conduct structured surveys with spatial… Read more ››

    The GSP® is a high throughput batch analyzer intended for quantitative or qualitative measurement of neonatal screening samples on 96-well microplates.  The target of this project is to select… Read more ››

    Advanced Active Noise Control System  This project is to deepen the knowledge and possibilities of speaker assisted noise controlling system in real boat environment. As a result BOM of the system and Business… Read more ››

    BASALT BASED PRODUCTS – MARKET POTENTIAL AND MARKETING PLAN   Basalt is a type of igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of lava at the surface of a planet. It… Read more ››

    INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT Study and learn existing BMS (Battery Management System) solutions Innovate new HW and SW solutions and features to BMS Develop a modular BMS which enablers… Read more ››

    New Age Digi-Care A Finnish with international exposure company doing R&D& Innovation, and Digital Solution Provider The goals for this project: Healthcare Service Provider- for Senior citizens- Partners User… Read more ››

    AINA APP – ENHANCING PRO COMMUNICATION Android (later iOS) application that hides the BLE communication between Aina devices and mobile phones. Works on background. The goals for this project:… Read more ››