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    Active Noise Cancelling of engine noise in motorboats via speakers. Speaker emits the same sound as the unwanted source but in different phase. Generally this antiphase sound wave combined… Read more ››

    The thermal cycler is a laboratory apparatus most commonly used to amplify segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The target of the project is to develop… Read more ››

    Ursuk Oy is a Turku based dry suit manufacturer. Our products are targeted for demanding use above and under the surface for worldwide market. To serve our customers even… Read more ››

    Software radio modules are all-purpose radio receivers or transceivers covering a wide frequency range unlike conventional radios which operate only on specific frequencies. They are connected to a computer… Read more ››

    What might The SHIFT 2017 app contain? What would the application do – what would it enable you to do – before the event, at the event and after… Read more ››

    Ultrasound is widely used in various applications in the field of industry. The distance of the object, from which the ultrasound waves are reflecting, can be calculated. The goal… Read more ››

    The first Paavo Nurmi Games was arranged in 1957 as a birthday present to Nurmi on his 60th birthday. Paavo Nurmi Games is expanding and evolving. The aim of… Read more ››

    In the Nordic and subarctic regions, the special environmental conditions limit the volumes and efficiency of production of biomass including food crops. Light is one of the most important… Read more ››

    Nordic ID is at the center of today’s real-time item tracking and reliable RFID technology. We help organizations fight the damaging effects of item loss, facilitate streamlined business procedures,… Read more ››

    Project ”Nizwa Fort” is an interactive application that is designed for school groups and tourists, giving freedom for visitors to explore the exhibition in non-linear manner. Learning is based… Read more ››

    The project idea is to find new ways to motivate employees for self-learning, i.e. to find ways to make self-learning possible in busy work life. The use of modern/mobile… Read more ››

    There are many risks and dangerous situations in critical operations involved in process industry. Many serious accidents occur worldwide annually. Safety is Neste´s top priority and that´s why Neste… Read more ››

    Create the service manual system for gravestones. The system which includes all the data during gravestones life time. Some day you need to engrave the new information or you… Read more ››

    Lights On! is a project featuring eight historical locations in Finland and Estonia. The game app will encourage users to visit more than one location by making new connections… Read more ››

    The purpose of the project is to discover qualities that improve air inside. The problem is currently that old-fashioned lightning systems and people in the spaces are causing the… Read more ››

    The project aims to develop a new, automatic washing wipe dispenser for public areas. It allows natural, high-quality wash brought to places where hand hygiene has not previously been… Read more ››

    Turun Kisa-Veikot is at the moment a small icehockey club in Turku. We need to get more good and motivated players in our club. We want to be the… Read more ››

    The simulation game gives the museum visitor an experience of boarding the famous Finnish ships and airplanes from wartime Finland in a realistic environment by utilizing VR glasses like… Read more ››

    The global cat food market is growing and it offers big potential for new innovative product launches. FitDog Finland Ltd is a company currently developing, manufacturing and marketing nutritional… Read more ››

    Energy harvesting devices convert ambient energy into electrical energy. Some systems convert motion, such as that of ocean waves, into electricity. Another application is in wearable electronics, where energy… Read more ››

    The goal of the food waste measurement device is to reduce environmental effects and costs, affect the behaviour of diners and food preparation personnel, and enhance the green image… Read more ››

    The goal of the food waste measurement device is to reduce environmental effects and costs, affect the behavior of diners and food preparation personnel, and enhance the green image… Read more ››

    Project for Visualizing history of Eckes-Granini Finland and Pernod Ricard Finland Eckes-Granini Finland and Pernod Ricard Finland want to make their history visible for their employees and their partners… Read more ››

    It is estimated that 60% of company purchaser decision are made before meeting the seller. This means less communication between customers, which leads to less opportunity to the sellers… Read more ››

    There is a growing interest about work accidents. An exact amount is not enough anymore, people want to know where and what has happened, what were the consequences and… Read more ››

    2017 is the celebratory year of reformation and the 100th year of independent Finland. For the year 2017 there will be lot of events in where AR based mobile… Read more ››