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    Capstone brings out new aspects in companies and students

    For students, Capstone is an arena in which they can show their worth and where skills and innovation are fueled. The students view the organisation and its operations, products and services differently from the outset, which brings fresh ideas to the organisation.

    A new Capstone innovation project can start in many different ways: As a result of an R&D project, or a problem or need identified by one, a project idea suggested by a team of students, or as an initiative of stakeholders of Turku University of Applied Sciences, such as companies. All Capstone projects share a common feature – the deliverable of the project must be usable and generate added value for end users.  The suitability of an idea or need as a Capstone project is evaluated in cooperation with the project owner. If Capstone is found to be suitable for the organisation’s needs, the next step is to select a team. The project lasts from five to six months and delivers a potential solution to an organisation’s problem, either as a prototype or a service concept.  The customer participates in the project during its entire duration as an owner, expert and an evaluator.

    Projects by year: